Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Yoga on the Planks

Hi there!

Last week was pretty stressful, but I am prevailing!

Brady P could tell I was stressed, and he became stressed too.

Then one afternoon, he took the initiative to resolve it. The power of his intuition and magic never cease to amaze me.

"Mummy, let's go for a walk!" he proclaimed tugging my arm towards the woods.

"Braeds, we promised to meet a friend right now," I argued. "Let's at least go home, so I can let her know."

"No, Mummy. Let's go for a walk." And off he went.

After a few deep breaths and an internal struggle, I gave in. He was not budging, and the only way I would get him to turn around was if I threw him over my shoulder kicking and screaming.

That was not necessary.

And, little did I know, he had a plan.

He took me to see the horses (who have really taken a liking to him, I might add). Then we walked around the meadow.

He lead us to a pond and up another trail that goes up and up the ridge.

"Oh boy," I thought. "How far up is he going to take me?"

By that time I was starting to give in to the fact that I would be following a six-year-old on a mission for the next unknown amount of time.

We went up and up. I was kind of hoping he'd get tired and want to go back down, but no dice.

Finally, somewhere in the middle of one of the Keweenaw's longest boardwalks, he stopped and announced, "Mummy, let's do yoga!"

Then, right there, on a stretch of elevated planks, Brady P lead me in a yoga session.

"Okay, now stand up! Arms out! Sit down and hug your knees. No, like this," he said, wiggling his hands until I got it just right.

We contorted ourselves and breathed. I adjusted my hands to his liking, and we breathed.

After sitting up from a laying down position, I looked down the boardwalk. The planks descended and curved out of sight. The thimbleberry bushes contrasted the gray conglomerate walls with brightness and life.

And I was in the middle of a yoga session with the coolest person I know.

I shed a couple tears.

I felt a weight off my shoulders. I felt peace so deep in my bones that all the stress released. It could no longer penetrate me. I became peace.

All thanks so Brady P. He knew I needed that. And he delivered it.


My gratitude for that little boy and that moment overtook me. I have been much better since.

And so has he.

Thank you, my little yogi!

Not a yoga pose, but one of his most famous positions!

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