Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Busy Spring

Hey! I know I've been scarce lately. I sure hope you are doing well!

Here are my excuses.

Besides having an inflated amount of work and responsibility at the township office, B and I have been traveling a lot this spring. Like... almost every weekend. And we still have a couple trips left!

Luckily, it's mostly fun stuff. We went to Arkansas, so B could visit his dad and their family (and I could ride my bike and suntan!). I went to Wisconsin to take a rad mountain bike clinic with Brooks Adventures to learn how to jump and drop better. Then I had to buy some ramps for my own yard! Siiiiiiiiick!!!

Soon I will go to Grand Marais, MN (such a beautiful place!) to renew my Wilderness First Aid certification. Then right after that, B and I go to the Soo Locks, Tahquamenon Falls and a Pictured Rocks boat tour for a school trip. So fun!

So, really, all good things. 

Then once June hits, we can be here way a lot. I'm excited for that! 

I am pleased to say that little man has become quite a good traveler. He hands me things when he's done (an empty snack bag, his water, his iPad) instead of throwing it to the back of the van making it impossible to retrieve until we stop, and we are not stopping this van!!! Ha!

He also finds a lot of pleasure in looking out the window at the world. It's really cool to see. And if I put his window down a bit, well, you'd think he was riding a horse as he woohoos and yays back there. Such a hoot, that little man.

Though we are super busy, we are well.

My anxieties of taking him places with me are dwindling. He is usually such a good kid! He likes to push the cart when we grocery shop, which makes him feel purposeful (and keeps him right next to me).

He is such a charmer to all the people we see. Man, that aspect about him just boosts my soul! He is such a gift.

And now that nearly all the snow has melted, we get out to throw rocks. Woohoo! That is Mom's break time. Ahhh, time to bask in the sun (or hide from the wind) and listen to the splashing, plunking and gulping of B's rocks in the lake.

Hello spring. For real, this time!

My little caster!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Hey! Sorry to leave you hanging. I just need to catch up on the rest of life. 

Here is a picture of Braeden on our latest trip. He is learning how to drive a tractor!

Take care!

The “New” MacDonald