Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Where Have You Been?


Oh my gosh, I'm here this time!

How many times did you check here since the last post? 

HOW many? 

Jeez. Sorry if I disappointed you.

But let's explore that a bit... were you disappointed? Mad? Sad? Worried? Did you give up on me and you're now reading this in the year 2025?

What's your answer? How did you feel? How did you feel when your expectation was not met over and over again? What were your thoughts as you were trying today?

You don't have to tell me. Just tell yourself, and see how it fits in with the rest of your life. Gotta love a little self-reflection.


Okay. Thanks for that.

The berries are coming out, and the lakes are mostly tolerably swimmable if you hit them on the right day and on the right shore. Ha!

We've had a pretty mild summer so far. Definitely not sweltering like last year. And we've finally been getting rain! It's such a relief to... wait, what? 

Oh, you don't care about the weather?

You are wondering why I didn't write to you for a month?

~Did I just read your mind? I won't tell you what else I know then. Wink.~

I got my second concussion of the year. Yeah, 2022 has been a real bruiser. I wasn't in the bathroom this time. I was on my bike. I smashed my face right into the road and rode on an ambulance to get my forehead sewn up. Oy!

Still not a noble way to end up in the ER, but I guess most of these accidents usually have an embarrassing story. Like, not a cool one. Just... I tipped over and broke my fall with my head... and not a helmet.

See? Not a cool story at all.

But I sure am grateful for the people who were around to save my life! I think I have already thanked them all. If not, THANK YOU!!!

Yup, I'm still alive. 

On Wednesday, July 6th, when I was supposed to be writing to you, I was crawling to the bathroom, drinking as much water as I could and even drinking my food because I could not really chew. Luckily, I could swallow Ibuprofen cuz that's what I had for the pain... and swelling.

The left side of my face was a purple balloon. I will spare you the picture of that. I don't want to gross you out unsolicited. You can't unsee things, you know.

But here is B-man watching the 4th of July Parade 
with his cute little bro!

So yeah, um, I didn't write that day. Or the following couple Wednesdays. But, I'm alive! Yay! So grateful! And I can still use all the parts of my body! 

I'm not yet ready for a mountain bike ride or other aerobic activities. They cash me out right away. I also am not really able to do all my office duties without crying that I am a failure. I'm also not really good at learning something new yet.

I need to rest. A lot. It's really taking away from my life. I can't even take B-man out most days because the sun makes me feel like I'm being pressed into the earth by a giant palm. That's annoying.

I have already done too much and then regressed big time. It is quite frustrating. This time around has been harder to recover from than the first head smash, but at least I have a little practice of how it might go.

I have a ways to go yet. Oy!

But I'll get there. As always... I will prevail!!!

Nice to see you. Is that a new shirt?