Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Basketball Jones

Braeden learned something new at recess today.  I'll let him tell you about it.

Hi.  I'm Brady P.

I am really cool.  I went to school today with my friends.  It was fun.  Guess what I learned at recess. The basketball hoop!

Rocking the little hoop

It was really fun.  Mr. North watched me do it a bunch of times.  He made me feel really proud like I was good at it.  I am.

I don't make it through the hoop every time, but I still like to throw and throw and throw and throw.  Sometimes I get it through the backboard!  Sometimes I knock the hoop, so it falls down.  Mr. North helps me put it back up.  He is nice.

Then my mom came.  I took her hand and pulled her close to the hoop, so she could watch me throw.  I stood really close underneath, so I would hopefully make another hoop to show her.  It took a while, but I made one, and they both cheered!

Mommy asked if I was ready to go because we had to go to town, but I just wanted to keep throwing the ball at the hoop.  I made it three times in a row even!  My mommy cheered cuz she was really proud, and I was proud too. 

After a while, I got a little bit hot, so I threw three more times then put the ball bye-bye.  I remember where it is, so probably next time I go to school, I will throw some more.  My mom will be mad because she thinks I have to get to school on time every time, but if I see the ball, I am going to throw it.

I hope we go back there before school next week.  I'll have to practice saying the word "basketball," so Mommy knows what I'm saying, and she can take me there.  She isn't very good at making it through the hoop, but I like to watch her try too.

Okay, see ya!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Back to the Blog Roots


I feel like we've got some cool things happening here.

I might be jumping the gun (because some mornings I drink too much coffee and get excited like a puppy about new ideas and life in general), but I'm going say it anyway.  Then you can hold me to it.

Or I'll just blame the coffee.

As you well know, this blog contains a smorgasbord of ideas, experiences, events and whatnot.  Well, I'm going to try to streamline things a bit.

I'm going to reel this river back in to the "Downs by the Bay" roots.  Remember what that topic is?  

A little boy with Down syndrome grows up on the shores of Lake Superior: throwing rocks, sniffing flowers and following his curiosity.

Well, now.  We have not stuck to that theme.  It still gets a little bit "A Little Slice of da Harbor" and a little bit Copper Harbor Vitality and a little bit of my own obsessions.

So I am making a new place for all those wandering streams.  It can be found here at Copper Harbor Vitality central!

Yup!  Back to adventures and Copper Harbor, baby!  Those stories will be mostly "A Little Slice of da Harbor" with a Copper Harbor Vitality twist.  If you have been reading my words since my first blog, then, here is some tissue paper.  You might have just peed your pants!  I get it.  I might pee mine too!

If you have joined "Downs by the Bay," you are also in luck!  Because, oh man.  Guess what...

Brady P. is going to write some of these blogs!


Brady P. can't type!

But, you know what?  He can't hide his emotions either, and I can read him like a book, so I may as well write it down.  I mean, that's what I'm here for!

Okay, Brady P. lover, now here is some tissue for you.  Cuz, well, you know.  I can tell you're excited, too!

Chucking rocks toward the lighthouse 

To prove that our habits have not changed during this blog, here is a recent shot from our favorite place to chuck rocks.  

Note the fisherman to the left standing on the rock.  They are out there everyday!  Catching mostly too small of fish, from what I've noticed, but there have been a few keepers!

Just like Brady P.  He's a keeper.  Wink!

Friday, May 17, 2019



We've been out of town with no computer, so I'm late.  Life happens!

Since it is so ingrained in me, I have to tell you about the coolest thing happening right now.


If you live anywhere south of here, you're probably like, "Yeah, yeah, Amanda.  Seen them for weeks now."

But we have not.

Here's a quick list of the bloomers I've feasted my eyes (and nose) on:

- Trout lilies (Not in da harbor)
- Arbutus
- Hepatica
- Daffodils everywhere (not wild, but lovely!)

Okay, so that's a short list.  The trees are budding braver as well.  

I mean, spring is just arriving here.  There is still snow in my yard, I am wearing socks that go up to my knees most days.  

But new life is starting!!!  It's emerging from the earth!!!

I am so grateful.  And want to know what?  I've set a few dates that I will be walking through the meadow, along the trail and next to the lakes, to take a peek at what's blooming.

Want to come?  You are invited! 

Click this link to my new blog to learn more.

Brady P. is doing well.  We get to throw rocks everyday, and I have to say that nearly every person (including his physical therapists) who sees him throw a rock or ball say, "What an arm!  He could be a baseball pitcher!"

And they are right.  He can be a pitcher if he wants to be.  He can do anything he wants to do -- except throw things in the house!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Little School Boy

Happy Hump Day!

We'll help you over that hump with some really cool news.

Braeden had his first FULL day of school today.  Just to try it out before he goes to five full days of kindergarten next year.

I have to admit that I didn't think he would last all day.  I thought he would turn into a crab sack and need to be sent home.  Perhaps he only gets like that around his family.  Ha!

So I was wrong.  Here's how it went from all that I know.

The bus pulled up, and he crawled right up those giant steps.  All the girls on the bus yelled, "Braeden, come sit by me!"  "I want to sit by you, Braeden!"  "Braeden, come sit back here!" and I was so flattered.

Instead, he plopped down in the front seat all by himself (and knowing him, that will be his seat for the rest of his life).  I buckled him in, kissed his head and waved to the girls.  Grammy waved from outside the bus.

All day long I stayed close to home, ready for that "Come get him!" call.  But I never got it.  Instead, I pedaled to pick him up at 2:30pm.  

As I coasted into the lot, the girls shouted, "Braeden did so good today!"  "We got extra Braeden hugs because he was here all day!"  "Yeah!  Braeden did awesome!"

And my heart began to swell.

Surprisingly, I got the same report from all the staff as well.  He was focused and stayed on task pretty much all day.  He even consented to a half hour rest on the cot.  And he didn't ask for me until 15 minutes before I came to get him.

What a trooper!  I was so proud of him!  My heart was ready to burst, and I held back my tears (but nobody would have judged).

The staff members from all angles have been amazingly supportive, positive and full of great ideas to get Brady P. to this point.  I am humbly grateful and severely impressed with everyone -- even the students.

So there you have it, my friend.  Little Brady P. is helping to pave the way for special education in the one room schoolhouse in Copper Harbor, Michigan... and I don't think anyone would have it any other way.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

"You Are so Beautiful"


All is well on our end.

But we are traveling, so I'll just let you watch this video we made a few weeks ago.

For a little background, I'll say this:  Every time I would sing him a song like "You Are My Sunshine" or something else all lovey, he would say, "Ehh!" meaning, stop that mushy song.

Sometimes I would just keep singing while he would squirm and whine in protest.

But one day, as my heart melted in the presence of his absolute beauty and wonder, I started singing "You Are so Beautiful."

To my surprise and delight, he let me sing it, and he actually seemed to like it!

Each time I would sing it to him after that, I noticed he liked to sing along with me.  So, he pretty much learned our little version of the song.

One morning when we woke up from snuggling, I recorded it for you.  He did pretty well for first thing in the morning!  Enjoy!

(Sorry it’s sideways. We were laying down!)