Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Back to the Blog Roots


I feel like we've got some cool things happening here.

I might be jumping the gun (because some mornings I drink too much coffee and get excited like a puppy about new ideas and life in general), but I'm going say it anyway.  Then you can hold me to it.

Or I'll just blame the coffee.

As you well know, this blog contains a smorgasbord of ideas, experiences, events and whatnot.  Well, I'm going to try to streamline things a bit.

I'm going to reel this river back in to the "Downs by the Bay" roots.  Remember what that topic is?  

A little boy with Down syndrome grows up on the shores of Lake Superior: throwing rocks, sniffing flowers and following his curiosity.

Well, now.  We have not stuck to that theme.  It still gets a little bit "A Little Slice of da Harbor" and a little bit Copper Harbor Vitality and a little bit of my own obsessions.

So I am making a new place for all those wandering streams.  It can be found here at Copper Harbor Vitality central!

Yup!  Back to adventures and Copper Harbor, baby!  Those stories will be mostly "A Little Slice of da Harbor" with a Copper Harbor Vitality twist.  If you have been reading my words since my first blog, then, here is some tissue paper.  You might have just peed your pants!  I get it.  I might pee mine too!

If you have joined "Downs by the Bay," you are also in luck!  Because, oh man.  Guess what...

Brady P. is going to write some of these blogs!


Brady P. can't type!

But, you know what?  He can't hide his emotions either, and I can read him like a book, so I may as well write it down.  I mean, that's what I'm here for!

Okay, Brady P. lover, now here is some tissue for you.  Cuz, well, you know.  I can tell you're excited, too!

Chucking rocks toward the lighthouse 

To prove that our habits have not changed during this blog, here is a recent shot from our favorite place to chuck rocks.  

Note the fisherman to the left standing on the rock.  They are out there everyday!  Catching mostly too small of fish, from what I've noticed, but there have been a few keepers!

Just like Brady P.  He's a keeper.  Wink!

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