Friday, May 17, 2019



We've been out of town with no computer, so I'm late.  Life happens!

Since it is so ingrained in me, I have to tell you about the coolest thing happening right now.


If you live anywhere south of here, you're probably like, "Yeah, yeah, Amanda.  Seen them for weeks now."

But we have not.

Here's a quick list of the bloomers I've feasted my eyes (and nose) on:

- Trout lilies (Not in da harbor)
- Arbutus
- Hepatica
- Daffodils everywhere (not wild, but lovely!)

Okay, so that's a short list.  The trees are budding braver as well.  

I mean, spring is just arriving here.  There is still snow in my yard, I am wearing socks that go up to my knees most days.  

But new life is starting!!!  It's emerging from the earth!!!

I am so grateful.  And want to know what?  I've set a few dates that I will be walking through the meadow, along the trail and next to the lakes, to take a peek at what's blooming.

Want to come?  You are invited! 

Click this link to my new blog to learn more.

Brady P. is doing well.  We get to throw rocks everyday, and I have to say that nearly every person (including his physical therapists) who sees him throw a rock or ball say, "What an arm!  He could be a baseball pitcher!"

And they are right.  He can be a pitcher if he wants to be.  He can do anything he wants to do -- except throw things in the house!

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