Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Number 27

Without really understanding the full concept of "sports," Brady P. is really into sports.

He loves to watch slam dunks, half court shots, puck handling, net shots, chipping and putting on the green -- especially when the player of any of those games make their shot.  

When he watches someone score and/or celebrate their shot, he goes into convulsion-type things.  Have I told you about this before?  It's nuts.  Here's a picture of one of his moves that I caught last winter before the world shut down.  He still does the same thing... maybe more intense even!

Pretty exciting, hey?

Sometimes it's just as exciting to watch hime react as it is to watch the actual game!

Not only does he like to watch these sports, he also likes to try them himself.

I remember the first time I took him to the shores of Lake Superior where we could sit right in the rocks.  It was the spring of 2015, so he was anywhere from 6-8 months old. 

He picked up a rock and dropped it, mesmerized by the sound and the gravity of it.  If I could properly monitor him from putting them in his mouth, I'd let him play.

Well, as you well know, that morphed into an obsession of throwing rocks into the lake.  And from those early days, he began to hone his strength and accuracy.

He's a real Nolan Ryan.  A Harlem Globetrotter.  And possibly, in time, a Wayne Gretzky.

He loves to watch and he loves to play.  And when Craig asked him what number would be on his jersey, he said, "27."


So he calls himself number 27, and sometimes we have to use that to get his attention or make him do what we want when he's being stubborn.

"Come on, 27! Down the lane and into the potty!" Or, "27!  We're on a team!  Let's do this together!"

So, of course, we all have numbers too.  I won't get into all of that, but feel free to pick a number for yourself!  What number would be on your jersey?  The sport doesn't even matter because you can be in a bunch of them like Brady P. is.

My lucky number 27.

Thursday, January 14, 2021


Brady P. is turning into a big boy.

His extra chromosome definitely curbs the timing of his milestones, but he is getting there.

I wonder if the UPS driver is confused by the fact that I still get Pull-Ups delivered to my house.  I mean, Brady P. is six years old.  Is he really still in diapers?

Overall, yes.

But each day we have been working on peeing in the potty.  Haha.  I hope that terminology makes you smile because it's just what parents say to their kids during potty training.

And finally, six-and-a-half years later, Brady P. is potty training successfully. 

He wears his superhero underwear after he goes pee in the morning and keeps them dry throughout the day.  Usually I set a timer, but he has been really good about keeping himself dry and knowing when he has to go.

I have to tell you of a proud moment.

We came up into the house, and I did a little cleaning up before his bed time.  When I was done, I looked around for him.

"P. Pie.  Where are you?" I asked.  

I scanned a couple rooms before noticing the light was on in the bathroom.  I cracked the door open, and what did I see?  A sight that hit me so hard, I cried because I realized that we are reaching a new point in our lives.  I felt, for the first time, that he is not going to be in diapers forever, which was what it felt like before.

There, through the crack in the door, I saw little Brady P... well imagine a drunk man in an alley peeing on a brick wall with one hand against the wall, so he doesn't tip over.  Head down watching his stream.  Add his shirt tucked under his chin and his pants around his ankles, and you have Braeden's position over his Paw Patrol potty.

What a little man.

And all by himself!!!

He decided he had to go, and he went in and did it all by himself.  No timer.  No prodding.  No help.

Just pure, instinctual manliness.

I really was quite floored with the occasion.  

So now I give him more control over when he goes because, well, only the one who has to pee knows when he has to pee.  And he's been proving it pretty consistently.

The number two on the other hand, well, that's a work in progress.  And I'll still put him in a Pull-up if we leave the house just in case, but we are getting there.

Yes.  We are over the hump because he recognizes the urge and he can do the whole process including washing his hands all by himself.

We agreed that his resolution for 2021 was to get out of diapers, and we are already so close!

Way to go, Brady P.  And thanks to our family and mentors who helped him get this far.

In order not to embarrass him with a superhero underwear picture, here is a cute one from a walk last week.

Have a wonderful day!

Oh, and speaking of resolutions, I started writing my next book, and I hope to get it out this year.  I am working on it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Snow Angel

Happy New Year!!!

I am not feeling too verbose today, so here are a couple pictures of my little snow angel.

Have a great day!