Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Basketball Jones

Braeden learned something new at recess today.  I'll let him tell you about it.

Hi.  I'm Brady P.

I am really cool.  I went to school today with my friends.  It was fun.  Guess what I learned at recess. The basketball hoop!

Rocking the little hoop

It was really fun.  Mr. North watched me do it a bunch of times.  He made me feel really proud like I was good at it.  I am.

I don't make it through the hoop every time, but I still like to throw and throw and throw and throw.  Sometimes I get it through the backboard!  Sometimes I knock the hoop, so it falls down.  Mr. North helps me put it back up.  He is nice.

Then my mom came.  I took her hand and pulled her close to the hoop, so she could watch me throw.  I stood really close underneath, so I would hopefully make another hoop to show her.  It took a while, but I made one, and they both cheered!

Mommy asked if I was ready to go because we had to go to town, but I just wanted to keep throwing the ball at the hoop.  I made it three times in a row even!  My mommy cheered cuz she was really proud, and I was proud too. 

After a while, I got a little bit hot, so I threw three more times then put the ball bye-bye.  I remember where it is, so probably next time I go to school, I will throw some more.  My mom will be mad because she thinks I have to get to school on time every time, but if I see the ball, I am going to throw it.

I hope we go back there before school next week.  I'll have to practice saying the word "basketball," so Mommy knows what I'm saying, and she can take me there.  She isn't very good at making it through the hoop, but I like to watch her try too.

Okay, see ya!

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  1. I loved it!.. gave me a nice sense of BradyP’s thinking. Thanks