Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Rock Star

Brady P. has a few obsessions...

Anything animals. Throwing rocks. Shooting a basketball.  Eating pizza.  Playing with Grammy. Listening to music over and over and over again.

... to name a few.

Today we will focus on rocks -- or the act of throwing them into the lake.

Now, I am not actually in his brain, but I see his reaction, his intensity, his passion and his talent for this particular sport. 

I watch him do it every day the weather allows.  I notice how the last rock gets thrown with the same gusto as the first.  I know that he never wants to leave the beach.  I feel his arms get stronger.

He is obsessed.

Now I'll let him tell you about it to the best of my ability.
Hauling a big one!

Hi, I'm Braeden.

I am really cool.

I like to throw rocks in the lake.  When it lands, it breaks the lake apart.  The lake pieces fly up to make all different kinds of patterns.  We call it a splash.

Sometimes the lake parts go way up high.  Sometimes they go under the water instead.  Sometimes they go out to the side.  Sometimes they even come back and get me wet.  Then my mommy yells, "Woo!"  She is silly.

Everytime a rock hits the lake, it makes a different pattern.  I have thrown truly a lot of rocks, and I have never seen the same pattern twice.  I have tried, but it hasn't happened yet.

The rocks also make different sounds when they break the lake apart.  

After listening to truly a lot of rocks, I would say that bigger rocks mostly make a deeper sound.  It's like a big gulp.  Some smaller rocks make a higher sound like a ting.  I like to throw different sizes of rocks because then I can hear all the sounds.

We throw three different sizes of rocks on the beach.  Little, medium and big.  Well, sometimes giant, but Mommy says we have to leaves those ones on the beach.  It's part of the earth sometimes.

I like to tell her when I find different sizes of rocks.  Sometimes she corrects me and says that a big one is actually medium or medium-big.  We have good talks on the beach.

We also like to talk about how the rock lands in the water.  When I find a flat rock, I give it to Mommy, so she can skip it, but she isn't very good, so a lot of times we just say, "Not a skipper!"  Haha.  It's funny.

If I get hungry and we ate all the snacks, then I want to go home.  If I want to watch computer, then I blow the lake a kiss and start to walk home.  Sometimes it gets cold, and Mommy says we have to go. And if I throw a rock at her, then we have to go in a hurry.  I can tell she gets mad, but I still love her.

We always blow the lake a kiss and say, "Thank you beautiful lake!"  Mommy really likes the lake, too.  I'm glad because then we go out everyday.  We have some cool spots to go to.

I really like to throw rocks, and I can feel my arms getting stronger.  

Okay, see ya!

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