Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Music is Life

Let's just stick with the obsession theme.

This week it's music.

Brady P. loooooooooves music.  He'll come out of his room in the morning (sometimes too early for my taste), and run into my room.

"Hi-ee!" he'll shout in his breathy voice.  

"Good morning, sweetie!  Want to come up and snuggle with me?"

It always used to be, "Yes."  And we would snuggle our hearts out.

But lately, sometimes he shakes his head and says, "Music."  I roll my eyes, slightly offended.

"Okay, then.  Go turn on the speaker."

Then I play a song from my phone through bluetooth, hoping he'll approve.  And roll over.  Just a few more minutes of sleep, please.

But if he doesn't approve, he'll let me know.  I hear those determined footsteps run into my room and stop right where he gave me that sweet morning "hi."

"Next, please," he wines and signs to me.

"Thanks for using your words, Braeden," I squint through the morning light.  "Let's see what's next."

And when he likes it, he runs out with bells on.

This is every morning.  Every single morning.  And I do it because it ensures his good mood for the day.  It sets the tone in his brain.  He likes to feel purposeful, and expressing himself through music does the trick for him.  It does for him what coffee does for most people.

I'll let him tell you about it.

Hi.  I'm Braeden.

I'm really cool.

I like to listen to music.  I like it on all the time.  Except when we leave.  Or eat together.  Or read a book before bed.  Then I turn off the speaker.  The speaker is blue and it sits on the floor so I can reach it and hear it really good.

Mommy plays me music through her phone.  I don't know how it works, but it's like magic, and I hear it on the speaker.  Whenever I see her use her phone, I know she will be my DJ.

I really like Bounce Patrol and Cocomelon.  I like Halloween songs, finger family and EIEIO.  I like songs about animals and hearing animal sounds.  Sometimes I can use my words to tell Mommy just what I want to hear, but sometimes I can't say the word right, so she guesses.

She guesses a lot.  Sometimes she has to guess for a long time before I like a song.  She gets a little angry when I don't like any of the songs she plays, but I don't want to listen to the wrong song.

I like to dance to the right songs.  I know actions and words to a lot of the songs.  I practice a lot.  

I like it when someone new comes over because then I get to show them my dance to the song.  They always like my moves, and I make sure they are watching me the whole time.  

And Mommy can not sing along.  That ruins everything.  I get frustrated a lot because she likes to sing along a lot and I have to shush her so much.  Why can't she just remember that I don't want her to sing?  Those are my songs to sing.

Otherwise we have fun.  We have some songs that we both like, so sometimes we dance together.  I learn a lot by watching her because she really likes to dance and has some neat moves like handstands and one foot spins and cool kicks.  But she can only dance if I say so.  Otherwise I have to shush her again.  She is so dramatic.

Okay, well, I really like this song, so see ya.

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