Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Captain B

Hello from the bay!

Brady P. had a new experience the other day.  He got to go to Porter's Island for the first time!  Okay, well, the real first time he was still in my belly.  The other day he got to see if for himself.

I'll let him tell you about it.

Hi!  This is Braeden.

We got to go out in the pedal boat.  It was really cool.  I like the pedal boat because I get to sit in the middle in the front.  If the water is calm, Mommy lets me steer.

The other day was not calm.  Mommy and Auntie Stacia had to fix a part of the boat before we got in the water, but that gave me more time to throw rocks by the Harbor Haus.

I got to wear my life jacket.  It is really snuggly and keeps me warm.  I feel really cool when I wear it because I am the captain.  I tell Mommy and Stacia where to go, but they don't always listen.

I got to sit in front in the middle and the girls pedaled with their feet.  It reminds me of watching Mommy ride a bike except we are on the lake.  

It was not peaceful like the last time I went out.  The waves were higher and Auntie Stacia got wet.  Her part of the boat was filling with splashes and then I started to get wet, so I hopped on to Mommy's lap, but that was not comfortable because her legs kept moving up and down.

We got close to the island, but they wouldn't pull in.  They said it was too steep, and we had to go to a different place that took forever to get to.  I kept pointing and shouting in my Captain voice to get them to stop sooner because I saw so many rocks to throw!

But they did not park.  They pedaled for a long time instead.

Then we turned in to the little spot they talked about and I got to get out and throw rocks!  I threw rocks the whole time we were there!

Captain B and his girls with the mainland in the back

The girls mostly talked to each other.  They always talk a lot when they are together.  They are really good friends.  I love my Auntie Stacia.

Mommy was proud that it was my first time on Porter's Island, but I don't really know how it was different because the rocks looks the same as most places. 

After the girls got cold, we hopped back in the boat.  I got to ride in the middle and steer a little bit with Mommy because the waves were smaller and helped push us back to the Harbor Haus.

Stacia played music in the boat, but she did not play Bounce Patrol or animal sounds.  I should get to pick the music because I am the captain.  But they got to sing and have fun, so it was okay.

I guess they should get to have fun sometimes, too.  Just kidding.  I want to be the captain again soon.

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