Wednesday, May 1, 2019

"You Are so Beautiful"


All is well on our end.

But we are traveling, so I'll just let you watch this video we made a few weeks ago.

For a little background, I'll say this:  Every time I would sing him a song like "You Are My Sunshine" or something else all lovey, he would say, "Ehh!" meaning, stop that mushy song.

Sometimes I would just keep singing while he would squirm and whine in protest.

But one day, as my heart melted in the presence of his absolute beauty and wonder, I started singing "You Are so Beautiful."

To my surprise and delight, he let me sing it, and he actually seemed to like it!

Each time I would sing it to him after that, I noticed he liked to sing along with me.  So, he pretty much learned our little version of the song.

One morning when we woke up from snuggling, I recorded it for you.  He did pretty well for first thing in the morning!  Enjoy!

(Sorry it’s sideways. We were laying down!)

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  1. That’s so wonderfully sweet Amanda. Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment.