Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Still Rockin' It


I hope you're doing great.

We sure are! It's been such a wonderful summer. I think we're making the most of it, and that means a lot because snowblowing season is not far off... and that one seems longer. Ha!

Town sure is busy, but it's the last hurrah before most students go back to school -- if they haven't already!

Brady P and I still manage to find some solitude up here though. We know some of the secret spots, and we take full advantage.

He absolutely loves to hike the trails, especially when there's a beach or two or three on the offshoots.

"Mummy, look it! A beach! My favorite!" he'll shout like someone just gave him a pony. I absolutely love his zest and gratitude for anything remotely joyful. It sure helps me remember it too!

So we've been sure to find new places to throw rocks and hike. It keeps life exciting, you know? And it breaks him out of his routine bubble a bit. He is really a man of tradition, so it's nice to see him curious and seeking new things.

Like actually wading into Lake Superior! It's finally warm enough for more than a cool-off plunge. I'm so glad he enjoys that because it sure has been hot!

And there are always rocks to throw.


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