Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What Bonds Us

In this town, people flock to visit during the time of year when they can do the things they love to do. And as the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together." So when people meet each other at a restaurant, bar or outdoor gathering, they usually mention what they are up here for (if it is not already apparent by their apparel).

People who rode up on motorcycles love to talk to other people who are up on their bikes. They will probably buy each other a drink and become friends and exchange numbers before the night is through. 

Same with people who pulled into the bay on a sailboat. They will talk boats and ask where else they have been and where they're going next. Same with people on mountain bikes. People who tour the UP camping. People who went to Isle Royale. Etc, etc.

Having Brady P in my life has also taught me that other people who have a special person with that extra 21st chromosome in their life flock together as well.

B and I have made a few friends based on this fact alone. We are able to chat for long periods of time, nodding and smiling, because we also have that common interest that has taken over our hearts.

We have had people recognize us from this blog, and it's always nice to meet you. 

We have also had people who know nothing about us, but they will just stop and talk to Braeden to bask in his glory. "Kindred spirit," they will say with no other explanation. Or, "I had a sister," they will nod.

Just like motorcycles and sailboats, this common thread makes us feel bonded before we even speak. It's so refreshing to watch how people connect from a spark like this.

I'm grateful for the new relationships I've found, and I relish in how the simple act of Brady P's smile and "Hi, how's it going?" can make someone's day.

It's neat to watch this happen between strangers. It's fun to feel it happen to myself. And it's apparent to me that, in all realness, we actually have more in common than we know.

We are humans on this planet.

There is a lot to talk about with another human simply because that's what we all are. 

We ALL are!

My and Brady P's mission is to help people believe that.

Thanks for being part of our mission!

My toothless wonder fast asleep.
Sometimes a tuckering out and an old-fashioned rock-a-bye is what bonds us.

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