Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Finding the Time

I don't think I really need to explain how difficult it is to find the time (and desire) so sit at a computer during the summer. There are so many other things to do!

So bear with me if posting is spotty.

Fortunately, life is good overall. Pretty wonderful, actually!

We sure could use some rain, but I think most states are in that boat. Especially those with the wildfires burning. My heart goes out to them!

B and I are just trying to make the most of the hot weather. Here is a pic of bubble time the other day. Brown grass and all. He is getting good at swinging that wand!

The berries are out! Bils and blues for sure. Raspberries and cherries as well. Thimbles are just starting.

And pretty much everybody who works in town is in a robotic state right now. "It's July," they shrug.

It's true. 

It's July.

Town is seriously busy, and that's how it goes.

I really do enjoy my new perspective of being a mother instead of a bartender this time of year.

Life used to be working crazy many hours each week serving  locals and visitors at a whirlwind pace. Now our biggest social interaction involves walking through town while little man says "Hi, how's it going?" to everyone. The life of a speedy server is something he can't even grasp, and I am happy for him. He then shares his perspective with me.

So I am happy for me! Ha!

Even with all the other jobs I have currently chosen to pursue, I am either working one-on-one or with small groups. It's quite a change from my early years in this town.

But it sure is uplifting to see my friends, who are running around in automatic mode (I know the feeling!), smile and take a moment to high five or hug little Brady P when we come around.

That is truly one of his best gifts: to remind us how important it is to take time for and acknowledge the ones we love.

Even when we don't think we have the time to do it.


  1. Hi Amanda, I’m glad you’re doing well and enjoying this hot, dry summer at a
    pace that works for you and BradyP. We were up at our camp over the 4th and after a nice dinner at Harbor Haus stopped at your weekly music in the park on a gorgeous evening, no bugs and good music. It was a real joy to see Brady there running around, dancing and welcoming everyone who he knew, or didn’t know! I would have stopped by to say hello but didn't see you around although there were multiple friends looking after him. I’m sad that unfortunately I don’t think we’ll make it up to our favorite place again this year but I sure hope that you continue to enjoy the rest of your summer in paradise.

    1. Hey, Michael! How awesome that you got to come up! And glad you got to see little Brady P enjoying life. That was probably the night I worked in the garden. Take care, and maybe see you next year!