Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Little School Boy

Happy Hump Day!

We'll help you over that hump with some really cool news.

Braeden had his first FULL day of school today.  Just to try it out before he goes to five full days of kindergarten next year.

I have to admit that I didn't think he would last all day.  I thought he would turn into a crab sack and need to be sent home.  Perhaps he only gets like that around his family.  Ha!

So I was wrong.  Here's how it went from all that I know.

The bus pulled up, and he crawled right up those giant steps.  All the girls on the bus yelled, "Braeden, come sit by me!"  "I want to sit by you, Braeden!"  "Braeden, come sit back here!" and I was so flattered.

Instead, he plopped down in the front seat all by himself (and knowing him, that will be his seat for the rest of his life).  I buckled him in, kissed his head and waved to the girls.  Grammy waved from outside the bus.

All day long I stayed close to home, ready for that "Come get him!" call.  But I never got it.  Instead, I pedaled to pick him up at 2:30pm.  

As I coasted into the lot, the girls shouted, "Braeden did so good today!"  "We got extra Braeden hugs because he was here all day!"  "Yeah!  Braeden did awesome!"

And my heart began to swell.

Surprisingly, I got the same report from all the staff as well.  He was focused and stayed on task pretty much all day.  He even consented to a half hour rest on the cot.  And he didn't ask for me until 15 minutes before I came to get him.

What a trooper!  I was so proud of him!  My heart was ready to burst, and I held back my tears (but nobody would have judged).

The staff members from all angles have been amazingly supportive, positive and full of great ideas to get Brady P. to this point.  I am humbly grateful and severely impressed with everyone -- even the students.

So there you have it, my friend.  Little Brady P. is helping to pave the way for special education in the one room schoolhouse in Copper Harbor, Michigan... and I don't think anyone would have it any other way.

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