Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Healing Power

Another thing that is precious about Brady P is his appreciation and ambition for healing people.

Maybe I have mentioned this before. 

If you get a booboo of any kind, or even mention that you are not feeling good, he stops what he is doing and gets attentive.

"Oh, you're not feeling well?" he'll ask with the utmost concern.

If you are bleeding, he will get you a bandage. He will dote on your owie, kiss it and tell you it's going to be okay while he pats your head.

If your head hurts or you are sick, he will take your hand, pull you to the couch, say, "now, lay down" then cover you up with all the blankets he can find. Then he will bring you your drink (whatever it may be) and find a cherry tomato for you to eat.

"Here is your tomato! Eat it!"

He might also take your temperature for whatever is ailing you.

He gets this overall personality change when he gets in this mode. His voice is so sweet, positive and reassuring. Suddenly his focus is all about the "sick" person. He takes charge.

It is so precious to watch him do this. Usually I am his patient, but I have seen it with others, and I just let him do his thing. 

Sometimes that attention promotes the best healing of all.

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