Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Summer Time!

Happy Wednesday!

And happy Summer Solstice!!!

The days get shorter from here, my friend. Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, of course!

I am happy to report that we are doing well. The traffic in town is definitely picking up. That's a blessing for everyone who relies on it!

Brady P likes it too. 

He likes to sit in the front yard and "watch the world go by." I think it's quite mesmerizing for him. He definitely looks entranced each time a camper, Jeep, motorcycle crew, family with a dog -- anything -- goes by.

When we go on our walks, and he sees people walking, he'll say, "Look, Mummy! Friends!"

Then he'll shout "Hi, Mark! Hi, Abby!" even though he doesn't know them. He just makes up a name and calls them by it! Ha ha! My little hoot.

If we happen to walk alongside other people, he will often ask, "What's your name?" 

I love it.

He definitely knows that we are all connected. I love how I am able to adapt that philosophy myself... learning from him, of course. It takes way less energy to make up reasons that we should be divided from others.

Simply amazing.

Try it, if you don't already practice that. It's a real life-changer!

Yes, he is our little spreader of love and light. Of acceptance and connectedness. Of more than I ever thought was possible in this world.

This is quite the journey we are on. Thanks for coming with us! Our best to you!!!

And if you are up on any given Thursday, we have our Performances in the Park running again for the 2022 season!

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