Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Musings from the Jouney

Hey there!

Apparently I missed you last week. 

Oopsie poopsie!

Things are just always changing, you know? Big changes and little changes. Geographical changes and weather changes. Situational changes and emotional changes.

But that's what keeps us on our toes and tests our limits and beliefs. I have found that the more grounded I am in my emotions and beliefs, and the more peace I have in my soul, the better I can deal with the things that happen.

Cuz things are happening all the time!

And we must choose how to proceed with our new circumstances -- whatever they may be.

I am just speaking generally, I know. I hope you don't mind. I want you to be able to insert your own circumstances and beliefs into whatever you might be facing right now.

I wish you the best in all your endeavors. I hope you find time to feel joy in the moment and peace in your own soul.

That's really what I wish.

Every day.

I don't wait until my birthday to make a wish. I don't wait until Thanksgiving to be grateful. I don't wait until Christmas to give to others.

I just like to do those things each day.

That brings me great joy, so I keep doing it.

Not because someone told me to, or because I read it in a book, but because it works.

It seriously just makes me feel better to do the right thing. Even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard.

I think I get a prize each time after that. At least it's been that way so far! I like prizes. Ha!

Brady P gets a lot of credit for really engraining this into my being. I didn't do all this before he came into my life. I was on a decent path, but I didn't have strong enough beliefs to stand on.

He made it clear, just by being in my world, that I better know what I believe, or I'll just stay in a state of confusion. 

I feel that to be true.

Life is such a journey, and we must respect where we are in any given moment because that is where we need to be. If we knew more or less, we would be somewhere else.

That's just how it goes!

Haha. I act like I know. I only know what I've experienced, and I'm grateful, so I like to share it.

You don't have to believe a thing I say. I'm not here to force you into anything. We are all on our own journey.

But I must say, I sure am glad this little boy is such a big part of mine!

A match made in heaven!


  1. Really cute photo!.. and a striking resemblance. Thanks for the musings.

  2. Oh, and Congratulations on a dozen years of blogging from the heart! I believe that’s right but correct me if I’m wrong.