Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Old MacDonald Perpetually

When is the last time you heard the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm?"

Oh, that's nice.

Did you know that Old MacDonald also had a zoo? And a circus? And an aquarium, a band, a jungle and a bird park?

Did you know that Old MacDonald can be spooky for Halloween and jingly for Christmas?

Sometimes Old MacDonald has carnivorous animals on his farm. Sometimes they are silly animals... or make-believe animals.

I would be willing bet that every single kid channel on YouTube has its own rendition of Old MacDonald. At least one. 

Some are slow and twangy. Some are rock and roll. And you better believe that there is everything in between!

Wait. How would I know this? Why would I care?

Maybe it's because Brady P is quite possibly Old MacDonald reincarnated. I don't know if that's true, but one thing that's certain is that my little boy is ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED  with Old MacDonald and his farm. Or zoo. Or jungle or whatever he has during what ever holiday at whatever tempo in whichever language.

This was Braeden's first song that he really liked to watch on the computer -- probably starting when he was two years old.

Now he is seven.

He has had other obsessions during these five years: Baby Shark, The Yummy Song, alphabet series, some pop songs for dancing and others. But Old MacDonald always comes back.


Do you know how many times I have heard that song? Sometimes the same version five times in a row? Sometimes it's just Old MacDonald for two hours straight!!!

I don't know if you can even fathom that, but it's true. Ask anyone in our family.

If someone ever figured out how many times we have heard that song in any version or language, I would hope they would never tell me. We are at least in the thousands, I swear.

This little boy loves Old MacDonald. 

Biggest fan ever.

I don't know how long this obsession will last, but I would imagine we have not heard all the renditions yet. Oh, no.

We will find more before our time here is done.

I wouldn't be surprised if Brady P writes his own version someday!

Here is one of his latest favorites... from 1946! He even acts it out on his trampoline. Enjoy!

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