Thursday, November 18, 2021

Keeping It Fresh


Is it Thursday already?

Things are a little, well, quiet up here right now. 

So Brady P and I go around breaking the silence. So far we are 1-0 praise to complaints. Hopefully that stays in the positive because we are only using our smallest speaker and no lights... yet.

These days, modern technology is so that I can carry my downloaded dance tunes with me and play them wirelessly through a little speaker. Brady P must have thought I looked so cool with the speaker because now he wants to carry it on his pocket.

It gives him a new pep in his step, all right!

Pocket speaker and a spanking for the lake
I don't know where he gets those moves...

So we'll walk around town dancing to tunes. Usually we'll hit a shore or two to throw rocks and dance for the lake.

We really dig it.

It is perhaps the highlight of our day: fresh air and dance moves.

Keep it real, peeps. Keep it fresh, keep it movin' and keep it fun!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man does he have the moves! I’m sure he learned them from you which we hope to see in future posts. Looks like you dodged the bullet on the winter storm just south of you but you know it’s your turn next. Take care and be on the ready! Cheers