Thursday, April 29, 2021

Like a Dream


Sometimes you just don't know what to say, right?

In those moments, it might be better not to say anything at all! So that's what I did. Sorry I missed you.

I guess the most meaningful thing that I can tell you about right now is how sweet it is to snuggle with my little boy at night.

We get to snuggle up together pretty much every night during the chilly half of the year. That's a lot of bed time snuggles!

And each night (unless I have to exit sooner), I lay next to him until he falls asleep.

Soft lullaby music plays. My left hand rests across the right side of his body as he holds my face in his hands or rubs my eyebrow. We say "night night" and "love you so much" and "see you in the morning" and talk about the day and giggle for a bit.

Sometimes I sing him a song.

Then his breathing deepens and gets a touch louder. He falls asleep in my arms. 

I cherish that for a minute or two.

Then I make my escape. I slowly lift my left arm up. Then I take his soft, warm hand off my cheek, give it a kiss and lay it on his other hand on the pillow.

And wait...

to make sure he's still asleep.

Then I rise and slowly walk out of his room, closing the door and giving a nod of gratitude.


I am amazed at how fast he will fall asleep sometimes. It does make me feel good to know that he feels so comfortable and relaxed around me.

That sweet little angel boy.

I know he won't want me to snuggle with him forever, and our first few years were a LOT of work to get him to sleep.

So this feels like a dream.

And I just wanted to share it with you.

Can't get his picture at night, so here's a fun frame nap shot

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