Saturday, December 26, 2020

Best Lights in Town


Merry Christmas and stuff!

I had to make you wait a little bit longer because I found a real treat for you.

But first, here is a precious picture of Brady P. and Gramma Mary frosting the little cookie men.  He picked purple, and I'm not surprised.  It's his favorite color.

Sorry it's a little glowy -- I think I had smeared something on my lens.

We are having a wonderful time with grandparents this holiday time.  Since I haven't slept anywhere else since August, I decided we better get the heck out of the harbor for a bit and be with family, so we could give actual hugs and laugh in the same room and cheers real glasses.

That is something to be grateful for!

Plus, the light show we saw in little ol' Clintinville, Wisconsin was absolutely stunning.  Maybe it's because I'm just into that sort of thing, but I was floored by the effort these people put in there on Brix Street.  They won the city-wide Christmas light competition, and it's easy to see why!

The first night we checked it out, I was in the back seat, so my video wasn't so good.  I had to go back, so you could see the real thing.

What a treat!


(Please click the link below to visit it on YouTube.  If you are viewing this from the email, you might have to visit Downs By the Bay if it won't click through.)

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