Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Beach Bum

Oh my goodness.  Is it summer, or what?


So we've been swimming.  A lot.

Brady P. hasn't really liked to swim the past few years, but he is getting taller, and more open to it.  Last week he went into Lake Manganese up to his chest!  

Just wading around and enjoying the coolness.  He told me he was alright, so I let him have at it.  I was so proud.  That was the farthest ever on his own!

Today we went to Lake Fanny Hooe.  His dad has a house on that lake, so we get to use their beach.  It's perfect for a little guy!  Sandy, shallow and gradual.  No weeds.

We floated there from the dock on his pizza raft from Uncle Matt.

And after previously watching the bigger kids (and mom) jumping into the big lake lately, plugging their noses and cannonballing off of docks, he had his own rendition of how to jump into a lake.  

Here it is!

If he's not swimming or wading, he likes to throw rocks.  As long as he's mindful of the other kids, it's okay.  But man, sometimes we have to remind him loudly.  His aim is impeccable.

Stay cool!

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