Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Good Day


This is Braeden.

I'm doing good.

It's sunny outside.  I like to tell my Mom when it's sunny outside.  I like to tell her it's sunny even when it's cloudy.  Then she tells me it's cloudy, and then I tell her it's cloudy.  Sometimes it's rainy, and I know when it's rainy.  Then I tell her that.

It's fun to look out the window and see what the weather is doing.  Sometimes it's windy too.  Or chilly.  It can be sunny and windy and chilly at the same time.  But I only like it to be one thing.  Sometimes two.  Like sunny and windy.  It's okay.

I have a pool outside my house.  It is little.  Today I played with my puffin.  I throw the puffin in the pool to watch it splash, and then I reach in and get it, so I can throw it again.  When it landed in the middle, I had to step in and get it.  Mom said, "There's a wet shoe!"

Then she took my shoes off.  Cuz I was in again.  My pants got wet, but it was sunny and warm today.  Wet pants feel good on a sunny, warm day.

We went for a couple bike rides too.  My friend Noah likes to ride bike, so Mama took him for some rides.  I have to ride along in the back.  I tried telling them which way to go, but she said I was not the boss this time.  I told her to go faster too, but Noah has little tires on his bike.

After I realized I was not the boss of the rides, I relaxed a little more and just looked out my windows and watched the trees and bushes go by.

My mommy talked to Noah a lot.  I don't really like it when she does that because she's my mom, but it's getting to be okay.  I think it's going to be okay.

She still gives me big hugs and tells me she loves me and gives me kisses and calls me P. Pie Pow!  I like that name.  We are funny.

Today I laid in the hammock all by myself.  Usually my mom sits in it with me, but she said my pants were wet, so I sat by myself and she swung me side to side.  Then Craig gave me rainbow ice cream, and I got to eat it in the swing.  It was super yummy and fun.  I felt really special.

I had a good day.  Thanks for asking.

I hope you are good too!

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  1. All is good in the world after seeing that photo!.. Thanks Braeden