Thursday, May 21, 2020

Keeping Him Corralled


Yesterday was so lovely that we just played outside.  Pardon my tardiness.  But things could be worse!

We are doing well.  I think that break was good for everyone involved.  And now... back to the grind!

Buy, hey, the weather has been spectacular!  And the buds are coming out on the trees!  It feels like summer right now.  Before the bugs.

Gosh, I really don't have any proverbial insight for you.  Or even a story, really.

I can tell you, however, that the effort it takes to keep a fast-moving/curious/rebellious 5-year-old boy in the yard is exhausting.  He already outgrew the fence I tried last year.

I'm not a white picket fence kind of girl, but we'll have to think of something because, well, quite honestly, it could be a few years before he fully understands why he needs to stay safe in the yard.  Feel free to send me any suggestions.  Ha!

He sure is fun, though.  And I'm so pleased at how much he loves to play outside.  He's already working on his farmer's tan and learning new games.  I'd like to keep that going in a fashion where I don't have to keep my eyes on him the whole time.  You know, cuz, I'd like to think I still have other facets to my life!

Okay, I've blabbed enough.

Things are looking up around here as the town is now allowed to reopen carefully.  Even the sentiment that the higher ups are loosening restrictions allows my soul to settle a little deeper into my body.

I hope you are doing well.  Really!  I do!  I think about you more than you can imagine.  Kind of creepy, but it's true.  Sometimes you come with me on my adventures.  I just hope you are doing well and working on that peace in your heart.  But always remember -- it's a tumultuous ride to get there!

Still chucking them!

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