Wednesday, May 27, 2020

One Cool Kid

Hi!  I will spare you my words.  

Here is Brady P. for you.

* * *

Hi!  This is Brady P.

I lost a tooth last week.  I didn't even know until Mom told me it was missing.  She was really excited, so I looked into the mirror to see it was gone.  We don't know where the tooth is, but I feel really cool!

People get excited and they want me to show them it's missing.  I think that's kind of weird, but I am still cool.  Mom says that was the first tooth in and the first tooth out.

Missing tooth face!

It has been very sunny outside, so we get to throw rocks everyday.  We even went to Hunters Point yesterday.  I like it there.  Mommy took me on her bike.

I get to play in the yard too.  I really like frisbee and flipping my turtle toy.  We don't stay out as long as we used to because of the bugs.  They tickle my face and head and then I get little spots of blood on my ears and neck.  They are just little bugs and I don't hear them buzz, but I feel them tickle.

I have a new trick to play on Mommy.  I say her name and then she says, "Yes, Braed?" and then I say "Nope!" 

She laughs cuz I trick her every time.  It's funny.  I can't believe she falls for it every time.  I trick her like 100 times a day!  She tries to trick me too, but I made up the trick, so I don't fall for it.

I hope Mommy is okay.  She cries sometimes.  She says that she just wants me to be nice to her.  She starts to cry when I throw things or hit her with my toys.  She stops what she's doing to cry and says, "I am so nice to you, can't you please just be nice to me?"

I say "Yes," but then I forget and hit her the next time she doesn't let me do just what I want.  I feel bad because I just want her to be happy.

I am excited to see Grammy and Daddy and Kelsi and my little brother Cedar.  And Luski my puppy.  Luski likes to play with me.

They are coming to Copper Harbor for the summer.  I will show them how good I can read.  And how high I can jump on the trampoline. And how fast I can run.  And how funny I am.  And how good I eat my lunch.

I am really cool.  I just want all the world to know that.  Someday I will be able to see hundreds of people and not just my mom.  Cuz she already knows I'm cool.


  1. Brady P is totally cool to me, especially with that shirt! As a 63yr old who experienced that music as a teenager first hand, I can hardly imagine younger people still enjoying their creativity. Also... be nice to your Mom Brady, she deserves it! ��

  2. This picture is so cute, stay away from those bugs!!