Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wishing Away the Pain

Man.  We had quite the weekend after Brady P. took a tumble.  Since I went in depth with my feelings last time, I'll let B-man do the talking.

* * *

This is Braeden.  

I can count to 10 in German.  I like to do it for people cuz they think it's cool, and they think I am smart.  I can count to 10 in Japanese too.  My mom taught me.  I can almost do it in French.  Then I will try Spanish.

My mom and I are together a lot.  She was sad for a while. She cried a lot for a few days.  Everyday.  She told me she was sad because I was hurting in my back.  She said she was sad but it wasn't my fault.

I told her it would be okay.  She said she knew it would be okay, but sometimes she had to cry really big cries.  I cried big cries when my back hurt.  I never felt a hurt shoot through my body like that before.  It surprised me each time I felt it, and I screamed.

Mom had to carry me a lot, so it wouldn't hurt.  Sometimes it hurt when she carried me and she would cry then too.

She told me I walked like an old man.  She said I was being ginger, but I don't have red hair.  She cried when she watched me walk like that and told me it broke her heart.

When I would cry in pain, mom would cry too.  Then I had to stop crying and tell her it would be okay.  I think it hurt more to watch her cry.  I like mom to be happy.

On Monday I got to see Dr. Andrea, the chiropractor.  I like her.  She is really nice.  She let me hold her clicking tool.  I crawled up on her table all by myself, and she said I am strong.

Mom stroked my hair and made her fingers talk to me in funny voices while Dr. Andrea pushed on my back.  It felt nice.  I could feel the pain going away.

She pushed on me all over my body and talked to me and mom really nice.  She is good at smiling.  I like her.

I felt good when I walked out of the office all by myself.  I felt so good that I ran away, and mom didn't even yell because she was so happy I could run.  

Then we had a cheeseburger and fries.  That was really yummy.  I like French fries. I ate them all!

I still feel much better.  I can dance and climb and run and even jump on my trampoline a little bit.  

I will have to be more careful not to climb on furniture and fall off.  It really hurts.

Tuckered out after our first trip out of the harbor 5 weeks!

Be smart.  Don't climb on the furniture.

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