Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Brady P. has been into puzzles lately.

Pretty much every day we do at least one of those big floor puzzles.  Anywhere from 32-60 pieces.  And he is getting really good at it!

He's got many to choose from: dinosaurs, Charlie Harper animals, pirate ship, farm and (his new favorite) the United States of America.

It's quite charming to hear him say "United States of America" because, well, that's a mouthful!  He says it so fast that sometimes it just sounds like "Jamaica," but at least I can recognize what he's getting at!

So we'll sit down and do a puzzle or two in the afternoon.  The puzzles sit on the floor for a little while and when he comes back to one, he'll pull a few pieces out, bounce that little index finger in the air and say, "one more time."  Then put them all back in.

I find that quite unique.  I haven't known anyone else to do that before, but I like it.  If we leave a puzzle on the floor, he will do part of it over. 

He will actually do it several times and pull apart different corners or edges of the puzzle.  And he always gets it back together 100% on his own.

What a guy!

He is also really into these opposite cards.  He is quite proficient in matching each of the opposites together.  Then he likes to sink them all back in the box.

Never ending entertainment, I tell ya!

And to recap our bowling event last weekend, it was a success!  A few families came.  All the kids made friends with each other (I could tell by how they were all chasing each other around at the end).  A few of the parents exchanged phone numbers and some picked up resources for future use.

We will do this again with older kids soon.  Thanks for your support!

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