Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Jurassic Tease


I've got a real treat for you!

But it's not ready yet.  Ha!

I'm traveling the next two days, so be patient with me.

Want to know what it's about?

Well, last weekend I attended my first Michigan Technological University hockey game.  It was part of their Winter Carnival event.

At one point between periods of the game, the announcer quizzed two students (college age, I think).  The question was: How many dinosaurs can you name?


The girl they selected named four dinosaurs and the guy named six (but technically, he got one wrong.  I know these things).

Craig and I looked at each other and laughed because we know that Brady P. could name waaaaaay more than that.  I don't remember how much time the contestants had to name dinos, but they ran out of ideas before they ran out of time.

This hot, valiant feeling ran through my body.  I realized that I must show the world how smart Brady P. is at dinosaur names!


(That's me pulling my sword from its sheath.)

You can laugh.  It's a bit dramatic.  And dinosaurs are extinct, so why does it really matter?

Dino Lives Matter

But I believe that you know.  You know why it matters.

I'm working on captioning the video I took of him saying dinosaur names in alphabetical order, so you can see how amazing it is.

So the whole world can see how amazing it is!

And then it will go viral, and we will get on a talk show where everyone can see how cool that little boy is.  It's trending, you know...

I'll post that video as it's own, when it's ready.

Stay awesome!

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