Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Addicted to Rocks

There's no turning back now, baby!

It's rock throwing season!

This weekend Brady P. and I took our first bike cruise of the year to the lighthouse lookout.  I pedal and he rides in the "Chariot" behind me.  With his whip.  Yelling, "Faster!  Faster!"

And yesterday we took our second trek on the bike.  I gotta tell ya.  I love riding a bike.  Even pulling Braeden the dictator.  I just think it's such a smooth, quiet, fun, fulfilling way to get around this town.

So the mouth of Fanny Hooe Creek and the harbor are open enough where we don't have to sit on snow or icy rocks anymore.  It's pretty great right now, actually.  I never thought to start out at the mouth of the creek before, but the shore line certainly isn't giving in yet.

Down by the Harbor Haus beach, we've got a little spot.  It's pretty sandy and wet still, but for a quick fix, I'm down.

And yesterday B-man got his fix all right.  We went to the Harbor Haus beach on our way home from school and threw for about half an hour.  Then around 3pm I spun us to the lookout.

Luckily I brought the Bike Instructor Certification manual for the class I'm taking next month (to get certified as an intermediate level instructor!!!) cuz I got a third of the way through that.

Then I took a little rest lying in the rocks and daydreaming... in the glorious sunshine...

Then I decided to look for rocks myself because I have new art projects to work on.

During all this time, I asked Braeden intermittently, "Are you ready to go home?"

"Uh-uh," he said.  That means no.

He was having a ball.  I honestly don't know how he does it because my arm rebels after like 15-20 minutes of throwing rocks full bore.

Rocking my sunglasses

But three hours later...

Yeah, three hours later my tummy started to rumble, and I knew he was getting hungry because he ate three fruit strips in a row and wanted another.

I say no to that.  Time to go home for dinner.

"Three more rocks, Braeden."

"Uh-uh.  Ten!"

"Okay then.  Ten more rocks."

But ten was still not enough.  He would not budge from the beach.  So I picked him up and carried him up the snowy trail and plopped him into the Chariot, so he wouldn't run away.

Then we rode home singing one of the Sesame Street ABC songs.

What a lovely afternoon.  Our faces are sun burnt!

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