Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Did You See That?

I feel like Braeden is the epitome of inclusion.

He wants everyone to feel acknowledged.

And now that he can say "hi" and "bye" without prompting, at the perfect times, he is starting to spread his love verbally.

"Hi!" he shouts as someone new enters the general store while we are hanging out by the ice cream cooler.  "Bye!" he waves when they leave.

"Hi!" he calls when a couple walks down the road with their dog.  "Puppy!" he squeals and points.

"Bye!" he waves from his wagon when a pickup truck starts its engine in the parking lot and drives away.

"Hi!" he announces when a friend walks up to greet us.  "Bye!" he waves his excited, yet floppy wrist just before they turn to leave.  And their heart melts as his sweet, little voice acknowledges their departure.

My heart melts too.  And I often chuckle at his insistence on greetings... for the goofiest things sometimes.  But they are not goofy to him.  They are important.

I don't think he just sees the people.  He sees their energy.

With that being said, I've also noticed that he likes some people better than others.  He loves calm, loving people.  Peace, groundedness and caring.  I feel like he sees little rainbow hearts slowly dancing around their body.  He is drawn.  And he himself is calmed.

I am calmed by these people too.  And I am working on more peace within myself.  Don't get me wrong, I feel quite peaceful overall.  But when I am responsible for a small child who greatly enjoys running off into the distance without looking back, I have to stay on my toes.  And he can even feel that ounce of stress in me.  

He probably sees it.

Like little loaded springs bouncing irregularly around my head as my tension and alertness rise.  I know he sees something.  And I am so excited to ask him about it when we are able to have conversations.

But for now, I just watch his emotions.  How they express on his face and throughout his entire body.  He can't hide how he's feeling -- not for a second.  His uninhibited nature expressed it fully.  And he is able to read it in others.

Like they are his favorite book.

So go ahead, express yourself.  And imagine how Brady P. would react.  Are rainbow hearts dancing around you?  Loaded springs?  Lightning bolts?  Roaring tigers?  Babbling brooks?  

Try being mindful of the energy you give off and the energy you feel from others.  Cuz, if you were Braeden, you would see that whole other realm.

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