Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Really "Hi"

So this "hi" and "bye" thing is getting hilariously out of hand.

Yesterday we sat in my mini van, parked at the Houghton Culver's facing highway M-26.  As we shared and deeply enjoyed a double mushroom swiss burger, I noticed something new he was doing.

"Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi."  He repeated, seemingly unprovoked.  Sometimes three hi's.  Sometimes too many hi's to count.  Sometimes slow hi's and sometimes fast.

What is he doing? I wondered.  Why does he keep saying that so many times? I sat bewildered as the juicy mushroomy goodness dripped down my chin... again.

And then I listened to him as I looked out the windshield.

Oh, my God.  This kid is hilarious.

He was saying "hi" to every single car, van or pickup that drove by.  From both directions.  We were near the traffic light, so sometimes traffic would be stopped, and no cars would drive past.  But once the light turned green, they all vroomed by, and he greeted every single one.  From both directions.

I cracked up.

I turned to him and laughed.  "You're saying hi to all the cars, Braeden!"

He cupped his hands together and stretched out his arms in front of his body while he laughed his thanks-for-noticing-how-cool-and-proud-I-am laugh.

What a guy.

So each time he said "hi" several times in a row, I watched the traffic, then turned to him when it was done, and we laughed.  Just two goofy kids in a mini van laughing hysterically at... what would seem like nothing to most people.

The two main things that broke this line of events was another juicy bite of cheeseburger or a big truck.

Because when a big truck went by, he pointed and yelled "beeg uck" for big truck.  Yup.  Just like "big rock" except now we were looking at big trucks.  I caught onto that one fairly quickly.

But then the truck four parking spots over backed out and drove away.

"Bye!" he shouted to them with a wave.

Though I wasn't surprised, I just chuckled again.  That kid.  There is so much more going on in his mind than just talking to the cars that go by.  I wish I could tell you what it is, but I don't know yet.

Like I said before, I am so excited for him to be able to tell me someday.  Then Brady P.'s secret to life will be out.  And we will be able to help save the world.

Though this video was provoked, I wanted you to be able to hear his sweet little voice say "hi" and "bye" to you!

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  1. How exciting...Words...words!!!!! He's catching on. We'll be in c H. for two weeks starting Sunday having a blast with Leslie/Dennis and their shop.