Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Sun Dogs

Happy Wednesday!

It's pretty glorious out there! Frosty and cold, but the sun sparkles on it all. And the lake is undulating all the pack ice that set in the bay. I'm not going out there today!

This past weekend was the Copper Dog 150. It spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning in Copper Harbor. Now, Brady loves animals, but he is afraid when dogs bark.

Can you imagine all the yipping we just had here?

I think he's desensitized for a bit.

We sat on a snow perch and watched some of the racers take off. It was pretty fun! He was into it, so it was fun. Ha!

On our perch - Photo by the legendary Steve Brimm

Boy, there were a lot of people in town. It was a little nuts with parking. I thought "How the heck does this town do it in summer time?" 

Then I remembered that most of the snowbanks turn into parking spots. Just like that!

We also went out for a little... adventure. I pulled him in his blue sled while wearing snowshoes (both per his request). It was the only way I could convince him. 

He is not a fan of winter, but when the sun is out, I try.

We went past the community garden.

He was outside, so I let him be lazy

Then we went down a path that must have been a snowmobile reroute. I couldn't tell, but it was heavily tracked. Then we swerved to where I thought the ski trail was. 

I love this view of the Nose of Brockway.

"Ski" path to the nose

But we did not make it too far down that path. I won't pretend that breaking trail on snowshoes while pulling an eight-year-old in a sled is a walk in the park. I sweated.

A lot.

But he didn't want to go too far, so we turned around and cruised through some more panked areas and went to see the horses. 

He loves the horses. It's his happy place. I have to drag him away from them each time. But I'm glad he enjoys it. They are peaceful to visit.

He is an animal man to the core.

So, I didn't think I'd have anything new and exciting to share this time, but I do. I just can't stop!

Link time!

I just uploaded a new video for Snack Break Sessions. I take you to "The Gap." But this time I also supplemented more content and photos on my adventure blog!


I got the CHV adventure blog going again! Check it out and make sure you are caught up.

And here is the link to the podcast. I added a new one to the feed yesterday. This one dispels the common myth that we are all stuck in the Harbor in the winter. It's titled "Gregg Patrick: A Plow Master!" A very knowledgable guest, by the way. I hope you like it.

I still have two more exciting things to tell you, but not all at once. Oh, man. This is just so great!

I hope you have a lovely day!

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