Wednesday, March 1, 2023

New Video Series!

Hey there!

Today I drove (almost) to Wisconsin and back today, so this will be short. Brady P got to spend a few days with the Rogers family, so that was good for everyone!

It sure is nice to see him again. He always has something new to share after we have a little time apart. And on our drive home, he lost his wiggle tooth! Ha!

But guess what.

I already told you two exciting things: the workings of my next book and the new podcast.

Well, I have two more Copper Harbor-related treasures to share!

You get one today...

Snack Break Sessions!

Guess where I am!

I started Snack Break Sessions as quick one-take videos for YouTube. During my snack break on an adventure, I tell you where I am, what method I'm venturing out on, what the weather is like, how the conditions are, what I ate, etc.

Click here to see the first episode. Spoiler Alert: It's at the top of Stairway to Heaven!

I like that spot.

That's all the excitement for now. Enjoy this little slice of da Harbor!



  1. You are chock full of surprises lately Amanda! I like that you’re getting back to more nature videos and I’m looking forward to the next surprise, and more snack breaks! Take care, M

  2. Thanks, M! I have all these ideas inside me and I think it's the right time to unleash them. Glad you are enjoying them!