Wednesday, March 16, 2022


I kind of have a confession...

I guess it's pretty embarrassing to admit from a mom point of view.

Brady P is just learning how to spit.

Like, within the last week.

Spitting seems so normal, right? Can't we all just spit naturally?

I guess not.

He thinks spitting is cool, though. When I brush my teeth, he shouts, "Mummy! Spit!"

Because I can.

And he couldn't.

So, a week or so ago, I realized that I can't just have him swallow his toothpaste every time he brushes (not the fluoride kind until he learns how to spit consistently).

The boy needs to learn how to spit.

So we moved the toothbrushing routine to the bathroom, so he can stand on his stool by the sink, use the water, rinse with his cup and... SPIT!

He loves it! He really tries so hard. He practices several times each brushing.

I was one of those people who thought that people should just know how to spit, so I am having a rough time teaching him. However, phrases like, "Oh, don't swallow it" and "Just hold it in your mouth" seem to help.

But even more than the progress we are making, I love the way he looks at me when we brush together. The look on his face says, "That is my Mom and I love her and she is good at brushing her teeth and I want to do it just like her."


I am seriously enamored with him all over again. We look at each other and brush gazily while we exchange glances in the mirror and giggle.

I watch him turn his toothbrush around when I do. I notice how he likes to rinse his brush after I do. I enjoy how he likes to mock my grotesque spitting sounds for effect.

That learning experience (for us both) has really made me realize how much children look up to, learn from and model adults. Even when we think they might not be watching, we are wrong. They are taking it alllll in.

And secretly, they love it. And truthfully, that's how they think things are supposed to be done.

I know because I used to be a kid!

For the last part of this confession, I will admit that I was hoping a man would teach him how to spit because it seems like a fun guy thing to do together -- with his dad or an uncle or a grampy or a friend -- anyone!

But nope.

I am with him the most, so it's me.

And I am enjoying every moment of our wet, splattery, giggly adventure.

I probably won't be able to capture the moment while we are brushing together, so here is a pic from the day he learned to snowboard a couple weeks ago!

My little shredder!

Keep calm, and remember to spit when appropriate!

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