Wednesday, February 16, 2022

We Found Bruno


Have you seen the latest Disney movie Encanto? I have not, but apparently Braeden did, and he is obsessed!

Not so much with the entire movie, but with the songs. After he watched it, he kept asking me for "Mirabel" songs. Once I figured out she was from that movie, things got rolling.

We listen to several of the songs and several versions of them every single day.

Eat your heart out, Old MacDonald. Mirabel and Bruno are moving in!

But we don't talk about Bruno.

We sing about him.

Sometimes in 40 different languages!

That's right. The song called We Don't Talk about Bruno is so popular around the world that it got translated to probably hundreds of versions. Many Youtube groups have covered it as well.

So, yeah, we get to watch all those too.

And we get to hear it remixed to a dance beat and so on. It is really a thing!

If you are curious, here are a few Bruno videos to check out.

The original clip

In 21 languages

His favorite family cover

Do you see what I'm saying? The possibilities and varieties are seemingly endless.

And that's only one of the songs!

You can look up the rest on your own, if you want. I'm not here to promote any movie or YouTube channel. I just wanted to tell you how deeply it has impacted our life.

I even love some of these songs! One of them makes me cry every single time. And I haven't even seen the movie!!!

I probably should though. But then I'll cry even more, I bet.

Be careful if you do listen to these songs, though. It's quite difficult to get them out of your head. But if you do find yourself singing them during your daily life, belt it loud and proud. It sure feels good!

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