Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Miracle Worker

Remember last school year when we found and aide for Brady P? 

I have not praised her enough to you yet.

This post is a shout out to her.

Braeden calls her "Miss Whiz."

Miss Whiz and P. Pie

Miss Whiz devotes her time with him to the absolute highest standard. Each time she sees room for improvement, she takes it. When she sees it's time for a change, she makes it.

She doesn't just view her position as a job, she uses it as an opportunity to help improve somebody's life.

And she is nailing it.

Let me tell you, though -- her efforts don't just change his life, they (in a HUGE way) change mine.

I can just be a mom. (Haha. Like being a mom is simple at any capacity!)

I didn't know that was possible for me before she came along. I was used to being his everything.* 

I tried to carry out all his therapies at a somewhat large magnitude. I am not really a therapist, so I expended much more energy than I would have if I could have done those things efficiently.

Miss Whiz does them efficiently.

She is a therapist.

She has made giant strides with him in all areas while I have been able to take a giant step back.

I no longer have to focus on how his fingers are positioned on the pencil as he makes each letter of the alphabet; I can just have him sign his name in somebody's birthday card. I don't have to worry about how many times he can hop on his left foot; I just make sure we get out for a hike together. I don't have to sit in front of a mirror with him to show him how to position his lips and tongue in order to make a specific sound; I can just make up a silly song with that letter in it and have him sing it with me.

Do you understand this change? His therapists spearhead the target areas, Liz puts them into daily action according to his IEP and I get to supplement them while we have fun.

I also get to be amazed at how far he progresses without me having to be there to prod him every step of the way.

That is nothing short of a miracle.

This summer Miss Whiz worked really hard on biking with him. (As a caveat, I will say that this is a bit of an ego-crusher for me because I am a certified mountain bike instructor... But to teach a small child how to balance on a bike??? I'm at a loss!)

Liz puts the effort in. She does her research. She finds resources to get him just what he needs in order to succeed. She even got him cool dinosaur pads because she believes in preparedness and safety. And she is just awesome.

Yesterday during school, she took some videos of him doing one of the things they tried to do all summer: pick his feet up and coast down a hill.

I am so proud of both of them for their perseverance. I have shed several tears while writing this post as I think back on how much things have changed.

They are quite the team!

Here is that video for you to enjoy. I still can't believe he's coasting down the hill like that! My heart bursts.

I hope you have something to be proud of today too!

* This note refers to the above comment stating how I used to have to be his "everything." Nobody could or should be somebody else's everything. And in all honesty, we have great support from family, friends and community. I would never discount that. I am grateful. We also would not be where we are without all those fine people.

But as the nearly full-time guardian of this little person during the school year (and looooong winters), I sometimes feel like I am doing everything for someone else to the point that I don't have a life of my own. That has been quite difficult over the years, so this contrast shows me how this is a miracle.

Even some of those helpful family members have felt a relief as Liz has entered our lives.

I got the opportunity to let go of some of the reigns and regain a connection with myself. I get to just be Amanda more than I could before.

So again, thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us and shown support. And thank you to Miss Whiz for helping our dreams come true. We are all truly blessed!

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