Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A Good Direction


Nice to see you again.

I was pulling two to three times the hours on a computer in the office, and staring at my own computer was the last thing I wanted to do in the evening. So thanks for your patience.

Town is different since I saw you last. For many reasons, but, to name a few, the trees now have all their leaves, more businesses are open, more people are here and the black flies are out!

All good things, I suppose!

Brady P. is doing great. He gets to meet random people and charm them, so that's always heart-warming!

And it's certainly rock chucking season, so we've been down at the shores. It's wonderful for us both. I try to let him lead where we go and how long we stay. It's just easier for us both that way. I'm not one to promote stressful situations.

Life is good, though.

Braeden's dad is back up for the summer, so they get to spend time together. B-man sure loves to do guys things! I can't say I'm particularly good at them, so I'm happy they both get to do that for each other.

I really don't have anything profound for you at the moment. Just wanted to check in. I hope you are doing well and listening to your heart!

Because it will just keep trying to get your attention until you listen.

For real!

I got to go to Isle Royale too, by the way. For five days!

This is my favorite picture from the trip. We nosed the canoe north from Pickerel Cove, and this was the view. That is Lake Superior in utter calmness on the north shore. And if you look in the background between the middle island the the right side, you'll see Canada. Those are the legs of the "Sleeping Giant."

So things are heading in a good direction!


  1. Hi Amanda, glad you got to visit the island! I’ve been there a couple different weeks over the years, both very memorable. Guy things are cool but Mom things are what will really last in B’s memory. We were just up for the long holiday weekend and what I call No See Ums were surprisingly bad for this early. My wife finally convinced me that they are actually a type of black fly... nasty little bugs for sure. I love the photo of a rare calm Superior. I hope you have a wonderful summer ahead! Take Care

  2. ... and if you haven’t yet been to the Sibley Peninsula in Ontario you must add it to your bucket list. It’s probably my second favorite place on Superior after the Keweenaw. I know you would love it!