Wednesday, February 10, 2021


In case you didn't know, it's snowing.


Like, a lot.

For a week now.

It snowed 45 inches in the last week according to the Keweenaw Snowfall totals.

Granted, that's not totally wild or unheard of by any means, but the temps have dug into the single digits each day for that duration as well.

Surprisingly, I am getting used to it all.  That first day of cold snapping wind waiting for the bus with Brady P. was torturous.  But now I wear my snow pants while I do that.  And as long as I find a place out of the wind to adventure outside, it's actually quite lovely!

As for the snow, well, I really like my snowblower, so I, in a strange way, enjoy blowing the snow.  Doing it every day gets to be a bit much, but it will end someday.


Besides, it's really neat to see the town band together.  The person with the plow pushes snow for the person without a plow.  The person with a snowblower blows out the neighbors.  The young man shovels a path for his elderly neighbor.

It's quite beautiful, and most people are appreciative.  I'm so glad to live in a place where (at least when it comes to snow) people don't see property lines as borders, but they see a hierarchy in the time, equipment and energy they have as a way to help others that are less fortunate in that way.

That could be a nice analogy for life.

"Can't we just all pretend it's a week of blizzards in the Harbor?"  Then we can all just get along.  And share what we have.  And be grateful when someone helps us.


That was me jumping off my soapbox.

I bet if Brady P. knew that you said hello, he would say hello back.  So, hello from Brady P!  He sure is a little wonder of a person.

Thanks for reading!

(There is a video in the blog feed.  Enjoy!)

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  1. The cold you’re getting is very unusual but the snow is very normal. Cold temps, open water and wind does is every year as you know. Glad to hear that you have a SnoBlower! When we lived there in college it was a shoveling task every morning. Enjoy the Winter Wonderland... Sweet Spring is on it’s way.