Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Birds of a Feather

Brady P. kind of has a new pet.

It's really Craig's pet, but the pet gets to stay here a lot.  We like him.

His name is Kirby.  Kirbeeeeeeey Puckett, is what we call him, and he even says his name like that!  The Minnesota Twins would be proud.

Kirby is a parrotlet.  He is three month old.  A tiny bird with a big personality.

Why am I telling you about this bird?

Because the way that Brady P. Kirby have evolved together is quite beautiful.

At first, Braeden was very skittish around the bird.  It would land on his head, and he would slap around with his hands and shout, "Ahhh!"

Also, Kirby was not going to trust the little chubby-fingered boy who kept poking at him through his cage.

Craig and I knew there was a lot of work to be done if those two were going to get along.

That first picture depicts the first time Braeden successfully said, "Step up!" to Kirby, and Kirby, dutifully, yet cautiously stepped onto his finger... crawled up his arm and rested on his shoulder.

We were so proud!


After that, things got easier.  Although B will go up to his cage and let the bird out without us knowing, he is more gentle.  He reacts more with one finger out to say "step up" in stead of swatting the bird in a panic.

They are actually quite cute together.  

And P. Pie loves to see the bird right when he walks in the door from school or wherever.

See?  Still dressed from the outside.

He can't wait to say, "Oh, Kirby is here!  Hi Kirby!"

I can't say that our guards go completely down when those two are together now, but we are definitely proud of the strides both of them have made with their trust in each other.

Cuz really, it takes two to trust.  And form a friendship.  Hopefully their friendship will last for years.

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