Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Just Perfect

I guess that something pretty wonderful has been on my mind.

I remember my internal debate about if I really wanted to ever have kids.  Since I was little, to when I was in my 20's, to when I was married with a blossoming career, I debated.

"I think a kid would get in the way of all this traveling I have to do for my job," I told myself when I was an active outdoor freelance writer.

And that assumption was correct.

But you know what?

After little Brady P. was born with all the extras that came with him, I didn't want to be an outdoor freelance travel writer anymore.  It seemed so... trite.

The experiences that caved my world in, and the journey I was on with my son told me that there was more to my life than writing articles about outdoor life (not knocking it at all.  Somebody else can do it!).

Nope, my path changed dramatically in a few months.  And six years later, as that little boy turns into a charming, smart, well-behaved, compassionate, heart-melting human being, I know I was right about the switch.

Maybe I have already written about this lately, but I'll write it again:

Little Brady P. Pie Jones is an absolutely beautiful, captivating human being.

When people see him or meet him, they just know.  They know he is not just special, but enchanting.  I tell people his superhero name would be The Heart Melter.

Because he is.

If you are angry, you won't be angry if Brady P. enters the room. If you are sad, and he gives you a hug, you will find a reason to smile.  If you get a boo boo, he will try to make it better.  If you see him in his element, he will try to make you laugh... and when you laugh, he will make you laugh harder!

On Monday I brought him in for his well-child checkup.  He did everything so nice for the nurse, and he sat so sweetly in his flirtatious way while the nurses asked me the routine questions.

On her way out the door, the first nurse said, "You are a very well-behaved young man."  Then she turned to me and said, "Great job, Mom!"

That made my heart feel so good.  People really notice what a little gentleman he is.

He always says hello to a passerby, and he often blows a kiss when somebody leaves the room.

What a little love!

Okay, so here's the wonderful thing that's been on my mind.


I am this little boy's Mom!

I get to be with him almost everyday of his life!  I get all the laughs, the kisses, the jokes, the sweetness, the goofiness, the tricks, the magic, the amazement -- everything!

I get to be there when he starts to ask more questions.  When he uses more words in his sentences.  When he shows me how he understands more abstract concepts.  When he reaches new milestones.

I get to be there to see it all!

It is quite possible that I am the luckiest person on the planet.

When I think back to those days of internal debates about whether or not I should have a kid, I just shake my head.

There is no way I could have possibly fathomed how my life would change once the greatest gift a person can receive on this earth came into my life.

And I'm glad I never tried to plan for it any certain way.

Because things are working out perfectly.

No words needed

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Beautiful post Amanda, and a wonderful photo. Happy Thanksgiving week to you and BradyP!