Thursday, November 19, 2020

Zombie Exercise


Apparently Thursday is the new Wednesday.  It happens!

So there are a few transitions during the early years of parenthood.  

There's that one where you realize that you are now physically in charge of moving a small child around because they are no longer pouched in your own body.  Strollers, backpacks, front packs, arms, etc.  You take them with you.  You can go for walks pushing a stroller and still get some real exercise.

Then they want to move on their own.  Suddenly you have a person walking when you walk.  Except, they walk so slowly.  Painfully slow.  You wonder how the heck you're ever going to bust a sweat going 0.2 miles an hour and stopping so they can inspect every ant and sniff every flower.  Okay.  That's not the exercise phase.  That's the slow-down-and-smell-the-roses phase.

Then, finally, that little shaver gets big and strong enough to go out and hike with you.  Ride a bike with you.  Whatever you like to do together, you can do it at more of the same pace.

That's where B and I are right now.  He absolutely loves to hit the trails, become a zombie and chase me until he needs a break.  Sometimes I get to be the zombie, and I chase him.  We run and run and run!

I mean, my "run" is a light jog, but what an upgrade from standing there watching him take walking breaks and squish ants.

And it's so good for both of us to get outside in this super fresh air and pant.  What a cleanse!

On our zombie chases, we usually go about a mile.  That's pretty substantial for his little legs, and it's not too shabby for a mama.

Plus, we laugh and tumble in the grass and find cool things to look at along the way.  We jump off of things and climb.  Those are all things his PT would be so happy about!

So it's nice to get out with my little man where we both get a workout in.  And, I'm not going to hide the fact that he often comes back on my shoulders.  Time for his break and my extra workout!

Speaking of, there's just enough time for us to catch a zombie run.  See you next week!

Some one is "hiding!"

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