Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Getting Out

Remember that little cold Braeden got?  Well, he had it for a month.

Yup, hacking and barking throughout the night.  Crying for me several times in the darkness.  Telling me his throat was "ouchie," so I had to squirt kid's cough syrup and pain reliever into his mouth.

That wasn't flying with me for many reasons.

So I had to figure out what the problem was.  I didn't want the goop in his respiratory system to turn into pneumonia (if that's really how it works), so I took action.

It was time to go outside every day.

I was already picking him up from school most days in his chariot with skis.  Easy to get from here to there, but he was pretty much sealed up inside it to keep the wind out of his face -- which he hates.

He also wasn't getting any exercise that way.

So I started making him walk home with me.  He likes to pull his red sled, so I put him in charge of that, and he walks and runs quite purposefully with it.  He feels proud.

Sometimes we'll go around a few blocks if it's sunny.

It's been wonderful for us both!

He even helps me move snow!  Well, he thinks he's helping.  He has his own shovel!

And when he gets bored with that, he uses his digger from Uncle Matt!

His cough is just remnant at night and he only calls for me once or twice.  I haven't administered medicine for about a week.  

Whew!  I think we're doing it!

I sure hope so because we all deserve to rest well at night.

Oh, and by the way... Brady P. is officially a big brother!  Aaron and Kelsi had a little boy last week!  His name is Cedar.  Braeden can say his name and knows that's his little brother down in Arkansas.

I think he really wanted a sister, but I'm sure he'll love this guy too.

Stay awesome!

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