Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Waves and School

This past week, we took advantage of some nice beach days.  Of course, beach days for us consist of sitting on the shore chucking rocks.  But when we can shed our jackets in October and bask in the sun's rays, we feel pretty lucky.

Lucky we are.

Yesterday, however, was one of those nippy days.  Our hands got stinging cold from picking up wet stones.  We bundled up inside our hoods.  I should have worn long underwear.

At one point, Braeden stood at the top of the rocky shore along Hunter's Point and watched a wave come in.  I could see he was focusing on its path and timing its crash in his mind.

Once it peaked its spill just inches below his feet, it retreated back into the clear water, rolling the loose stones along with it.

Braeden took this all in, and after that wave pulled away, he signed "more."  I busted out laughing.

"Did you just sign 'more' to Lake Superior, Brady P?" I cackled.

Now he can be a little incessant with his mores.  Like when I start doing handstands.  Or if Aaron give him a drink of his smoothie.  Or if he wants Grammy to start throwing his rocks.

More, more, more.

So perhaps it is a bit habitual.  But I have never seen him sign it to a non-living entity.  That Lake Superior, though, she definitely is her own life force.

And, as the waves rode, she gave him another one.  And another, and another.  He didn't even have to ask.

That little Brady P.  

Completely unrelated, guess what he got today.  He got his school picture taken.  Whaaaat?!?!

That's right.  My days-away-from-turning-three-year-old attends the Copper Harbor one room schoolhouse two days a week for two hours at a time.  It's just enough to get him familiar with the kids, teachers, property and routine.

He seems to like it pretty well.  I do have to stay with him since he is not yet potty trained, but that's okay for now.  He is still a mama's boy anyway.  I would be too, if I was him.  Wink.

I'm excited to see what and how he learns from the school.  It's a great social outlet for him and a chance to get the heck out of our house.

I wish I had a copy of his picture to post here, but we'll wait until it's ready.

Until then, keep being awesome.  I believe in you.

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  1. Love your stories of The Harbor and Brady P. It was nice meeting you at Lighthouse Overlook and your son gives awesome hugs!