Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Moment I've Been Waiting For!

I want to thank you for reading this blog.  No, really.  Thank you!  

By reading this blog, you acknowledge that magic is apparent in the smallest places, if you look for it.  You accept that we are all different, yet worthy of love.  You understand the value of a day spent in the fresh air.  And your heart is open to possibilities.

That is awesome.  Keep it up!

You also realize that life with Brady P. is a little slice of incredible all on its own.  These days, it is incredible in a positive way.  Right when he came into my life, however, it was incredible in a "holy-crap-I-can't-believe-this-just-happened-to-us" sort of way.

In a word, it was tough.  Overwhelming.  Exhausting.  And sometimes grim.

Okay, that was four words.

But I don't talk about that in this blog.  This blog is about the rainbow after the storm.  The light that breaks through the darkness.  The lemonade made from every last drop of reamed lemons. 

Do you want to hear about the storm?  Do you want to visit the darkness?  Do you want to taste the lemons?

Great.  I wrote a book about it all.

It's called Digging for Light -- A Memoir to Inspire Humanity.  It smears my naked heart and soul across 220 pages.  If you read it, you will laugh.  You will probably cry.  But most importantly, you will look inside yourself and ask how you can be a better person.

Are you excited?  I AM!!!

Two years in the making, this memoir is ready for you.  And since you are a loyal follower of this blog, you get the pre-order package deal if you decide to order.  Here's the scoop when you pre-order a personalized autographed copy:
  • Shipping is free -- or you can pick up your copy at the book release party, October 27th!
  • You get a "Debut Edition" sticker on the cover, meaning you got the first print -- totally raw -- totally Amanda.
  • Orders of four or more memoirs get a custom inspirational beach glass bookmark!
  • Randomly chosen orders also get a free said bookmark.
  • You will get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped support a writer, friend, mother and fellow human on this planet.
How do you order???

Click the link to and visit the bookstore.  

I will post a reminder here on Friday, so if you get this delivered to your inbox, you will get the link there when it's ready.

A couple more notes:
  1. Pre-order deadline is Wednesday, October 11th.  
  2. Books are not yet printed.  You will receive your order via mail (or release party!) approximately two weeks after the Wednesday deadline.
Thanks so much for your support -- no matter how you show it.  I hope you get to take part in this very special moment in my life!

Mama and Brady P. making the best of the dark

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