Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Book Worm

We have a reader, folks!


When I was told about Brady P's potential diagnosis of Down syndrome, I consciously did the world a favor. I did not focus on the things I didn't think he would ever do. That was an awful feeling.

Instead, I focused on what he liked to do and nurtured it. Now I just let him surprise me.

He surprises us all!

Also, soon after he was born, I found camaraderie in a couple other moms and their children who have been here before me.

"Read to him everyday," one of them said.

So I tried my darndest to do that since he was a wee nut. I truly remembered her words, and tried my best.

Right now, I can tell you that it is paying off.

This little boy, who will be seven years old on Friday (Seven!!!) can sit by himself and read books out loud.

Pardon my French, but...

Holy crap in a basket!!!

I am floored by this each time I witness it, which is nightly at this point.

That little etch in my brain about reading to him everyday has become one of our most treasured pass times. We loooooove reading together!

We crawl in the big red chair with a book that either one of us picked out. Then I read the title, but I pick a different word to say for the last word, so he has to correct me.

"NO! It's not (the wrong word I said). It's (the whole title correctly spoken)."

He reads the title of each book for me before we begin.

I'm so cunning.

Then we read and laugh together. It is so fun! I get so many hugs from him while we read. It is such a wonderful bonding time.

We just got a few new batches of books for birthday week. When he opens them up, he reads the titles... of new books! He is reading words that he does not have memorized!

And lately, after we are done reading our three nightly books, he stays in the big red chair and reads them over.

A typical evening for the man of leisure

This is the part I'm in disbelief about. He goes back and reads the books again. Out loud. Correctly. With emotion and laughter.

I just shake my head in victory and disbelief. 

This is amazing.

And it warms my heart.


I truly believe that if we keep nurturing his passions and talents, he will continue to amaze us. I am grateful for this journey.

And here is a link to a video I found yesterday. It's called "What It's like to Have Down Syndrome" by SmileSquad (in case you can't access the link for some reason.) I love its meaning and purpose. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m so happy & proud of Brady P and you Amanda!! It’s truly amazing what you both have accomplished together, beyond all odds. Congratulations with more to come! I also have never heard ‘Holy crap in a basket’, just one more thing that I’ve learned from you both over the years. Thank you