Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Key to Our Hearts

The other day, B and I were at a friend's big 4-0 birthday party.  It was mostly adults with a couple other kiddos running around, but the focus was on the adults.

Except for mine because I was in charge of Brady P. My focus is always stuck on him when I am in charge.

Cuz he's fast.

And I am probably a bit overly-dedicated.

But this was a really wonderful group of people, and the more I looked around at the happenings, the more I noticed how much other people focus on him as well.

For instance, Auntie Abbie brought him a plate of snacks when she saw him lazing out on the couch. I was so grateful for her thoughtfulness.

Most people notice when he flees the scene, and they'll either run after him or shout, "There he goes!"

That helps me relax a bit in social settings. For that, I am also grateful.

Then there was this special moment when Brady P. got to bring the birthday girl her cake while we sang. The look on her face as she noticed what was going on really struck my heart. It was as if she was honored that he was the one bringing her cake (even though he really wanted to eat it!)

They sat next to each other and ate cake and ice cream. The people around interacted with him verbally, and laughed at his shenanigans.

It warms my heart to see him interacting this way because I no longer have to be the translator all the time. He can converse. People can ask him the questions, not me.

As the people around him laughed at his antics while he indulged in his favorite part of a birthday party, the birthday girl looked over at him and said, "I'm so glad to know you, Brady."

She said a couple other sweet things too that I can't remember well enough to quote because I was just so stricken with pride.

I guess pride would be the word, but it's me being proud of him.

Then we watched as he put his hand on her cheek and looked up at her sweet face and told her he loved her.

I teared up.

I think she did too.

It is such an enchanting experience to be the mother of someone who makes people smile and warms people's hearts and souls.

It overwhelms me to see how much love and energy people put back into this little boy based on the love they feel from him. It is proof that love can break the mold, love can heal people's hearts and love will help us help the world.

Brady P holds the key. Is your heart ready?

He can even charm reptiles

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