Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Your Turn!


So, you gave me this idea.

Yeah, you.  The reader!

I have gotten quite a few personal messages and emails from you lately.  In a nutshell, those notes are thanking me for sharing the hard parts of life because often, you can't.

Well, guess what.  Now you can!

I would like to take this opportunity during this time in our history and this time where you feel the need to share, to let you share.

Share a story about something hard you overcame.  Share a story about a solution that you found that works in stressful situations.  Share about a pattern that you can't seem to get out of.  Share about your grief, pain, joy, gratitude, etc.

Just share it with us!


Nobody needs to know it's you except you.

You can send me your story via email at amandak114 at  If you don't want me to know it's you, then send it through a trusted friend's email.  If you don't care if I know it's you, hit me up on messenger, text or email.

But I won't tell anyone it's you.  

If you see that I published your story and you want to share that post on your social media, that's totally up to you.

I just want more people to let their voices be heard.  Because everyone's voice is important.

So share your story!

If I get a lot of stories, I'll string them out over the weeks.  If I get a couple, I'll put them all in one post.

The only stipulation is that you send me a true, heartfelt story or experience.  And if I suspect that it's foul play, I won't add it.  I have that liberty, you know.

If you read other stories and are compelled to write something short, you can always add an anonymous comment.

Okay, well, hopefully you will hear from somebody else besides me next week!

This is you... waiting to burst!

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