Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Guinea Pig along the Montreal River


This is Guinea Pig.

You haven't met me yet, but you will get to hear about my adventure today.  I'm in all the pictures.  Cuz I'm so cute an' all.

Anyways, I'm a good friend of Braeden's.  I chat with him while he goes on the potty, keep him calm at the doctor, make sure he eats his oatmeal and sometimes help with homework.  I can be very busy.

But today, I went on an adventure with Amanda (Braeden's mom) and her true love, Craig.  We went to the mouth of the Montreal River.

Check me out!

I mean, check it out.  Wink.

On our way to enter the fancy Montreal Falls arch!

She put me in a branch over a cliff!  Not funny!

I got stumped.

My beauty accents the beauty of the leaves.

One of my favorite pics of the day!

Finally, we made it to the bottom falls!

I needed to rest on a burnt log, so you could see Lake Superior.

Can you see me in those giant cedars???

I had to wear my rain hat at the first elbow in the river.

Shhh!  We're hiding on Craig in the woods!

I think I look good in yellow.

But I look ravishing in pink!  Can you spot me?

I found some mushrooms!

The next falls up!
It looks tiny here, but it was like 30 feet high.  And noisy!

I just had to pose with this scenery.

A legendary view (sans moi).
Mount Bohemia, Mount Houghton and Bare Bluff in the background.

Alrighty then.  Maybe I'll see you another time.  Braeden really liked my pictures.  I hope you liked them too!  Ta ta!

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